Janell Hobson devotes her research, teaching, and service to multiracial and transnational feminist issues in the discipline of Women’s, Gender and Studies.

Apart from teaching diverse courses on intersections of race, class, gender, media, popular culture, and feminist theory, Hobson engages in digital projects with her students.

University at Albany Faculty Page

Digital Classroom

Select Courses
WSS 100: Women Creating Change
WSS/JRL 281: Women and the Media (developed summer online course version)
WSS 308: Global Perspectives on Women
WSS 399: Special Topics in Women’s Studies: Love and Hip-Hop
WSS 399: Faculty-Led Study Abroad – “Women, Multicultural Europe, and the African Diaspora” (London and Paris)
WSS 520: Advanced Feminist Pedagogy in Theory
WSS 533: Race, Rape Culture, and the Law
WSS/AFS/LCS 545/WSS 498: Black Diasporas, Feminisms, and Sexual Politics
WSS 565: Feminist Theory
WSS 590: Feminist Research Seminar

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